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Preventative Maintenance

US Fleet Bus RepairsWe can perform Fleet PM service on-site, during off hours to reduce downtime, we are here to serve you.

We also offer full PM and repair services in house at any of our full service repair centers.

Our goal is to  increase your uptime and revenues.  We reduce operating costs and capital needs.  We are outsourced and flexible.  We help make your fleet more cost effective and efficient.

PM service includes oil and filter changes according to the customer’s and manufacturer’s specifications. We also inspect the major functions of the vehicle/equipment for safety and dependability. Typically, a checklist is provided by a customer regarding priority items, but we are happy to provide or develop one in conjunction with our clients.
At the time of service, the checklist is filled out; vehicle, mileage and date are identified; and the form is sent per the customer’s instructions. Forms can be provided electronically. Follow-up reports also are provided to identify issues that require further attention. Your knowledge of your fleet vehicles, and your organization of that knowledge, will increase with our services.

Light repair

We also can provide a range of light repair services onsite:

  • Remove/replace (“RR”) air filters
  • RR fuel filters
  • RR brakes
  • RR belts
  • RR batteries
  • RR bulb assemblies, wiper blades, door handles, locks, etc.

Talk to us about specific needs or policies you’d like to adhere to.

US Fleet has Certified Technicians who can perform much of the work your fleet may need:

  • Computer diagnostic equipment to service major engines (Cummings, Detroit Diesel Alison transmission) and today’s advanced electronics
  • Onboard parts room that can be stocked to your fleet specifications
  • Different classes of PM services
  • Oil, lube and coolant changes
  • Trailer connection testing-lights and signals
  • Tire and brake maintenance
  • Drive train repairs

In addition to our services: Driver is First Line of Defense

The vehicle operator is the first line of defense against unexpected breakdowns and repairs. It is important that the driver communicate vehicle problems immediately to fleet management. This allows the vehicle operator to participate in the PM program, proactively reducing breakdowns.

The following vehicle systems should be monitored by the driver:

  • Vehicle safety items (e.g., tires, wipers, horn, brakes, steering, etc.).
  • Vehicle drivability items (e.g., misfire, rough idle, etc.).
  • Vehicle body (e.g., glass, body damage, cleanliness, etc.).
  • Vehicle miscellaneous repair items (heater, radio, etc.).

The vehicle operator must be held accountable for inspecting these items. The PM program depends on the driver for continued success. Should the vehicle operator fail to inspect the vehicle prior to, during, and after a trip, a potential problem may go unnoticed causing a breakdown or unsafe condition.

Training and accountability are important. The vehicle operator must be trained on proper inspection procedures and be held responsible for failure to inspect and report vehicle problems. This requires the support of each department and senior management. As a team effort, the PM program can be a great success.